Wire mesh sling

Wire mesh slings

Ref. 421/422/427/428

Also known as Panzerband, the STAS wire mesh sling is made of riveted chain links. Produced in specialised steel, it offers a safety factor of 4. Unlike other products, the mesh is riveted rather than welded thus avoiding the need to replace the entire sling when damaged.

Wire mesh slings are very flexible and adapt perfectly to different forms of loads. They are heavy-duty, slash-resistant and wide enough to be able to handle thin-walled sheets, without any risk of damaging lower sheets.

Mesh slings are highly effective when used for “basket handling” as they neatly encircle the load. LIFTEUROP also provides a sliding fastener so the sling can be used as a “slip knot”. Available in stainless steel or aluminium and fitted with a protective PVC sheath.

The wire mesh sling comes with an EC declaration and is readily available. It has legible marking and an individual traceability code.

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