A complete diagnosis of your lifting equipment and accessories
Mobile Inspection and Repair Service

Thanks to its human means and its experience, LIFTEUROP is now able to propose to its customers a complete diagnosis of the lifting equipment and accessories. This new service guarantees that all the equipment is in order before the visit of the control body.

The inspections and repairs proposed by LIFTEUROP are either performed on site or in our workshops in Wiltz.

Periodic general inspections: a legal obligation!


All lifting devices and accessories are submitted to various regulations which oblige to proceed to periodic general inspections in order to make sure that the equipment remains in conformity. These inspections must be carried out at least every 12 months or more frequently according to the use and the risks (according to European directive 2006/42/CE).

The team of LIFTEUROP accompanies its customers throughout the life cycle of their lifting devices and accessories by ensuring the follow-up and the reminder of the dates of compulsory inspections.

Discover more details about this in our new brochure “Mobile Inspection and Repair Service”!