The app that improves safety

The ALITRACER app allows you to monitor the inspection status of your lifting equipment and accessories in real time. Simply scan them directly with your smartphone or tablet and an integrated chip will provide the user status: green – orange – red.

The app is available for all of your lifting equipment and accessories regardless of brand or supplier, however the chips are included and the information pre-encoded for STAS-LIFTEUROP lifting equipment and accessories.


Specially devised for lifting this traceability management tool will allow you to:

  • monitor the inspection status of your lifting equipment and accessories with no special or costly investment,
  • simply connect to the internet to be kept up-to-date of changes to the status of a lifting accessory in real time, 24/7,
  • quickly and easily access general information on your lifting accessories and equipment (SWL, safety coefficient, manufacturing year, etc.), instructions and the maintenance logbook,
  • improve safety with the automatic scheduling of annual inspections,
  • manage all information on your lifting equipment and accessories centrally with a unique user name,
  • work in compliance with legislation,
  • benefit from the support and supervision of our team of professionals skilled in standards, traceability and lifting techniques.
The benefits of ALITRACER
  • multilingual: available in English, French and German
  • economical: no special or costly investment required
  • ecological: paperless documents
  • safe: option to immediately report a change in status for lifting accessories or equipment
  • quick and easy to use
  • accessible online: 24/7 access through a simple internet connection
  • accessible to all operators
  • secure: long-term storage of data in Luxembourg
  • compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones and available on Android and IOS