Automatic lifting hook

Lifting systems


No manual intervention, no moving and no risk

The automatic lifting hook is made of high-strength steel with an impact resistant anti-corrosive coating. This automatic hook allows you to suspend or release any charge remotely.

The operator simply has to press a button on the remote control to automatically close the hook.

The EVO automatic lifting hook is fitted with a magnetic system consisting of 32 permanent magnets arranged in a specific configuration to generate a magnetic field. When the hook is approaching the load, the magnet attracts the ring, sling or lifting accessory and positions it correctly.

The NEO hook is compatible with the CODIPRO ARC. The ARC is a central lifting system for moulds, specifically designed for use with the NEO 50.

Available in 8 models, it provides 2.5 to 50 ton WLL. The automatic crane hook is individually packaged, comes with an EC declaration and is readily available.

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