NEW! The Quick Lift Ring: a symbiosis of time saving and safety

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LIFTEUROP is pleased to present you the newest addition to our range of lifting accessories: the Quick Lift Ring (QLR)!

The Quick Lift Ring (QLR) is a new CODIPRO swivel lifting ring that can be fixed much quicker than a conventional lifting ring. Thanks to a mechanical system consisting of a button and a spring, it is fixed in the threaded hole within a few seconds and thus saves valuable time during every lifting operation.


Convince yourself:

The advantages of the Quick Lift Ring:

  • Time savings of up to 80 % compared to screwing in a conventional swivel lifting ring
  • easy handling
  • a purely mechanical system with all its advantages: maintenance-free, safe and reliable

The QLR is designed to lift loads from 0.25 to 2.5 tons and is available for the DSR model in GRADUP steel or stainless steel.

All lifting rings have their own traceability code, the WLL and the name CODIPRO engraved. The documents related to the rings, such as the instruction manual or the certificate of conformity, are available via the management and traceability tool CODITRACER.

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