NEW – Discover the swivel lifting shackle MLA!

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You would like to lift heavy loads safely? Discover the newest addition to LIFTEUROP’s product range!

The swivel lifting shackle MLA is designed to lift heavy loads up to 250 tons!

NEW – Discover the swivel lifting shackle MLA | LIFTEUROP


  • Very resistant since it consists of a swivel lifting shackle in hardened steel
  • Available in 5 different Working Load Limits: 85 t – 100 t – 120 t – 200 t – 250 t
  • Designed for liftings in all directions and optimal load distribution
  • Allows easy assembly thanks to several threaded bolts which avoids you to have to drill an oversized hole in the load
  • Equipped with adaptable center distances according to the customer’s needs
  • Has a high resistance to friction for heavy loads
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Equipped with a wide body shackle from 200 t for even more safety

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