Load turning: everything you need to know

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When handling heavy loads, safety is paramount. A frequently asked question is: Are ball bearings absolutely necessary for safely turning under load? In this article, we will examine this question in more detail.

What is load turning?

Load turning is a delicate operation that involves turning a piece while maintaining a load on it. This may be necessary in various industrial situations such as machine loading, bulk material handling, or turning heavy parts.

Ball bearings: Advantages and limitations for load turning

Ball bearings offer an effective solution for load reversal thanks to their design, which allows smooth and jerk-free movement, reducing the risk of damage to the load or lifting equipment. Additionally, they reduce friction during turning, facilitating the operation and minimizing the effort required. However, they also have drawbacks, such as faster wear under heavy loads and high maintenance costs.

Alternatives to the RSB System:

While ball bearings are often considered an effective solution for load reversal, other options should be considered. The RSB system (bearingless system) is one such alternative, offering an innovative and secure approach to handling heavy loads.

The RSB system: A versatile and robust solution

Consisting of a pulley, a wire mesh sling, a tie and a hook, the RSB system offers several advantages for load turning. Its high safety factor ensures the secure handling of the heaviest loads. The steel link sling is specially designed with riveted chain links, offering superior durability and resistance compared to traditional slings.

Flexibility and adaptability

The RSB system is particularly appreciated for its flexibility and adaptability to different load shapes. Its robust design allows it to withstand the sharp edges of parts, thus offering increased protection against damage. The RSB system also eliminates tipping and does not damage the coil. Additionally, a PVC protective sleeve can be added upon request to prevent damage and ensure the safe handling of delicate loads.

Fast delivery and guaranteed traceability

A key feature of the RSB system is its fast delivery, accompanied by a readable marking with an individual traceability code. The CE declaration is available on the LIFTRACER, ensuring the quality and compliance of the product, thus providing users with peace of mind.


While ball bearings are often preferred for load reversal, they have some disadvantages. The RSB system, on the other hand, offers a safe, versatile, and robust alternative. With its unique features and significant advantages, the RSB system is a solution to consider for lifting operations requiring a high level of safety and reliability!

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