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Because safety remains our top priority, LIFTEUROP is constantly evolving and looking for more efficient, reliable and innovative solutions.

Partnership with Power Limit

We are therefore proud to announce that we are expanding our product range, in partnership with the company Power Limit, specialized in the design, development and manufacture of products for measuring tensile and compressive forces.

In addition to the products of our general catalog, LIFTEUROP can now provide you with:

  • tensile force measuring shackles
  • dynamometers
  • tensiometers

These measuring devices, designed to measure forces and evaluate suspended masses, provide the operator with precise and reliable data for safe lifting.

For a presentation of the different models, contact us at +352 26 95 19 1 or by e-mail to!

This is only one of the many advantages of working with LIFTEUROP. Always attentive to the market and the latest trends, the company is constantly working on enhancements and the extension of its range of lifting accessories to respond as best as possible to customer needs.

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