Discover LIFTRACER, LIFTEUROP's management and traceability tool

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LIFTRACER, our management and traceability tool, simplifies the tracking and access to all documents related to our lifting accessories and equipment. We invite you to (re)discover the full potential of LIFTRACER to optimize the management of your equipment.


1. Real-time information

LIFTRACER allows real-time access to essential information about your LIFTEUROP lifting equipment and accessories. You will find:

  • Certificates of conformity
  • Instruction manuals
  • Technical datasheets
  • Product photos and videos
  • Invoices

All available 24/7, from any connected device!

2. Maximum traceability

Since 2021, LIFTEUROP has been automatically serializing all its products to ensure perfect traceability, thus reducing the risk of manual encoding errors. LIFTRACER allows you to track the complete history of each product, from the certificate of conformity to its maintenance, making it easier to manage your equipment and enhancing safety. A bonus: although launched in 2023, the tool goes back to 2011, giving you a comprehensive view of your equipment and past orders!

3. Enhanced digitalization

LIFTRACER is part of a complete digitalization approach for the product traceability process. All information is available online, reducing the need for physical documents and simplifying document management.

4. Reduced carbon footprint

LIFTRACER helps reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the printing and plastic packaging of documents such as instruction manuals and certificates of conformity. A further step towards more sustainable and responsible management!

5. Controlled cost

LIFTRACER is completely FREE for our customers. In addition to benefiting from optimal traceability, you save on costs related to document management.

How to access LIFTRACER?

Accessing LIFTRACER is simple and quick. Contact your LIFTEUROP sales representative or go directly to our website to get your login credentials and fully enjoy this revolutionary tool.


With LIFTRACER, manage your LIFTEUROP lifting equipment with ease. This tool offers complete traceability, cost reduction, decreased carbon footprint, and enhanced digitalization of your processes. Don’t miss this opportunity to simplify and optimize your equipment management!

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